Removed apostrophes which my compiler does not like

Thomas Schmitt 16 years ago
parent f5e31470bd
commit b1966abe45

@ -383,16 +383,16 @@ Range "scdbackup" : 0x00020000 to 0x0002ffff
Range "vreixo" : 0x00030000 to 0x0003ffff
0x00031001 (SORRY,HIGH) = Can't read file (ignored)
0x00031002 (FATAL,HIGH) = Can't read file (operation canceled)
0x00031003 (FATAL,HIGH) = File doesn't exist
0x00031001 (SORRY,HIGH) = Cannot read file (ignored)
0x00031002 (FATAL,HIGH) = Cannot read file (operation canceled)
0x00031003 (FATAL,HIGH) = File doesnt exist
0x00031004 (FATAL,HIGH) = Read access denied
Image reading:
0x00031000 (FATAL,HIGH) = Unsupported ISO-9660 image
0x00031001 (HINT,MEDIUM) = Unsupported Vol Desc that will be ignored
0x00031002 (FATAL,HIGH) = Damaged ISO-9660 image
0x00031003 (SORRY,HIGH) = Can't read previous image file
0x00031003 (SORRY,HIGH) = Cannot read previous image file
0x00030101 (HINT,MEDIUM) = Unsupported SUSP entry that will be ignored
@ -406,7 +406,7 @@ Range "vreixo" : 0x00030000 to 0x0003ffff
0x00030202 (SORRY,HIGH) = Wrong El-Torito catalog
0x00030203 (HINT,MEDIUM) = Unsupported El-Torito feature
0x00030204 (SORRY,HIGH) = Invalid file to be an El-Torito image
0x00030205 (WARNING,MEDIUM)= Can't properly patch isolinux image
0x00030205 (WARNING,MEDIUM)= Cannot properly patch isolinux image
0x00030206 (WARNING,MEDIUM)= Copying El-Torito from a previous image without
enought info about it