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bzr branch lp:libisofs/for-libisoburn (to become libisofs-1.4.0.tar.gz)
libisofs-1.4.0.tar.gz Sun May 17 2014
- no novelties yet -
* Bug fix: iso_image_report_system_area() caused SIGSEGV by NULL if no valid
ISO 9660 image was loeaded. Thanks to OmegaPhil.
* Bug fix: A SIGSEGV could happen when loading a faulty ISO filesystem.
Debian bug 774152. Thanks to Jakub Wilk.
* Bug fix: Rock Ridge Continuation Area could be produced crossing a block
boundary. This is heavily disliked by the Linux kernel and spoils
the representation of directories which contain many symbolic links.
* Bug fix: If iso_write_opts_set_hardlinks() enabled automatic inode numbers,
then they did not get into effect with nodes were zisofs decoder
filters got attached during the image load process.
* Bug fix: The header indicator of the last El Torito catalog section header
was set to 0x90 rather than 0x91 if more than one boot image is in
that section.
* Bug fix: Only 128 bytes of an emerging GPT header block were zeroized.
* Bug fix: iso_image_report_system_area() did not show GPT partitions of
size 0.
* Bug fix: A zero sized GPT partition was marked after the last appended
GPT partition.
* Bug fix: GPT production did not yield proper results with appended sessions
resp. with TOC emulation enabled.
* Increased default weight of El Torito boot catalog to 1 billion.
* Improved handling of cylinder alignment if the resulting image size is not
divisible by 2048. Old behavior was to not align. New is to pad up by a
few blocks of 512 bytes.
* New API call iso_write_opts_set_appended_as_gpt()
and marking of appended partitions in GPT if GPT emerges for other reasons.
* New system area type 6 = DEC Alpha SRM boot sector.
New API calls iso_image_set_alpha_boot(), iso_image_get_alpha_boot().
Thanks to Helge Deller.
* New API object iso_interval_reader. Enabling flag bits for older API calls
iso_write_opts_set_prep_img(), iso_write_opts_set_efi_bootp(),
and iso_write_opts_set_partition_img().
libisofs-1.3.8.tar.gz Sat Jun 28 2014