On Linux: Run ldconfig during make install,if not --disable-ldconfig-at-install

Thomas Schmitt 13 years ago
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commit 59ab73c57f

@ -4,10 +4,11 @@ libisofs-0.6.36.tar.gz Wed Sep 15 2010
an MBR with a first partiton table entry that bears non-zero start address.
A second set of volume descriptors and directory tree+tables gets created
which can be used to mount the image at the partition start.
* Hiding all non-API symbols from the linker by use of --version-scrip
* Hiding all non-API symbols from the linker by use of --version-script
* Automatic C++ detection in libisofs.h by using macro __cplusplus
* Corrected several memory leaks and potential NULL pointer evaluations
in case of memory shortage.
* Now with history of release notes in ./ChangeLog file.
libisofs-0.6.34.tar.gz Tue Jun 29 2010

@ -80,6 +80,8 @@ libisofs_libisofs_la_LIBADD= \
libinclude_HEADERS = \
$(LIBBURNIA_LDCONFIG_CMD) "$(DESTDIR)$(libdir)" || echo 'NOTE: Explicite dynamic library configuration failed. If needed, configure manually for:' "$(DESTDIR)$(libdir)"
## ========================================================================= ##

@ -37,7 +37,25 @@ and execute
To make the libraries accessible for running resp. developing applications
make install
See INSTALL file for further details.
On GNU/Linux it will try to run program ldconfig with the library installation
directory as only argument. Failure to do so will not abort installation.
One may disable ldconfig by ./configure option --disable-ldconfig-at-install .
By use of a version script, the libisofs.so library exposes no other function
names but those of the API definitions in <libisofs/libisofs.h>.
If -Wl,--version-script=... makes problems with the local compiler, then
disable this encapsulation feature by
./configure --disable-versioned-libs
make clean ; make
The ./configure script checks for the availability of supporting libraries.
If found, they will become mandatory for the emerging libisofs.so and all
applications which use it. This dependency can be avoided by configure options
--disable-libacl avoid use of ACL functions like acl_to_text()
--disable-xattr avoid use of xattr functions like listxattr()
--disable-zlib avoid use of zlib functions like compress2()
See INSTALL file for general options of ./configure.
@ -113,7 +131,6 @@ a) Images with unsupported features, such as:
- UDF.
- HSF/HFS+ or other Mac extensions.
- ECMA-119 Extended attributes.
- Non El-Torito boot info.
- ...
In all these cases, the resulting new image (or new session) could lack some
features of the original image. Nevertheless, the ECMA-119 System Area with
@ -122,22 +139,9 @@ a) Images with unsupported features, such as:
or modify the image. Others remain undetected. Images created with libisofs
do not have this problems.
b) Bootable El-Torito images may have several problems, that result in a new
image that is not bootable, or that boots from an outdated session. In many
cases it is recommended to add boot info again in the new session.
- isolinux images won't be bootable after a modify. This is because
isolinux images need to have hardcoded the root dir lba in their boot
information table.
libisofs makes an educated guess at load time whether a boot image
contains such a table. Its outcome can be inquired by call
If one knows to have isolinux or GRUB El-Torito-bootable images, or if
a boot information table seems to exist, it is advised to apply the
el_torito_patch_isolinux_image() function.
Most boot images are highly dependent of the image contents, so if the
user moves or removes some files on image it is possible they won't boot
b) Bootable El-Torito images may have problems, that result in a new image that
is not bootable, or that boots from an outdated session. In some cases it
might be necessary to add boot info again in a new first session.
- There is no safe way to modify hidden boot images, as the size of the
boot image can't be figured out.

@ -16,10 +16,12 @@ AC_DEFUN([TARGET_SHIZZLE],
AC_MSG_CHECKING([target operating system])
LIBBURNIA_LDCONFIG_CMD="echo 'No ldconfig run performed. If needed, configure manually for:'"
case $target in

@ -225,6 +225,17 @@ else
echo "disabled strict symbol encapsulation"
[ --enable-ldconfig-at-install On GNU/Linux run ldconfig, default=yes],
, ldconfig_at_install=yes)
if test x$ldconfig_at_install = xyes; then
LIBBURNIA_LDCONFIG_CMD="echo 'NOTE: ldconfig is disabled. If needed, configure manually for:'"
echo "disabled run of ldconfig during installation on GNU/Linux"