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This all is under GPL.
(See GPL reference, our clarification and commitment at the end of this text)
By Mario Danic <> and Thomas Schmitt <>
Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Mario Danic, Thomas Schmitt
Still containing parts of
Libburn. By Derek Foreman <> and
Ben Jansens <>
Copyright (C) 2002-2006 Derek Foreman and Ben Jansens
These parts are to be replaced by own code of above
copyright holders and then is to be their sole copyright.
This is done to achieve the right to issue the clarification and the
commitment as written at the end of this text.
The rights and merits of the Libburn-copyright holders Derek Foreman and
Ben Jansens will be duely respected.
This toplevel README (C) 2006-2007 Thomas Schmitt
Build and Installation
Released under GPL (see COPYING file for details).
Our build system is based on autotools. For preparing the build of a SVN
snapshot you will need autotools of at least version 1.7.
Check out from SVN by
svn co libburn
go into directory libburn and apply autotools by
Copyright (C) 2008 Vreixo Formoso, Mario Danic, Thomas Schmitt
libisofs is part of the libburnia project (
libisofs is a library to create an ISO-9660 filesystem, and supports extensions
like RockRidge or Joliet. It is also a full featured ISO-9660 editor, allowing
you to modify an ISO image or multisession disc, including file addition and
removal, change of file names and attributes, etc
- Image creation
- Creates ISO-9660 images from local files.
- Support for RockRidge and Joliet extensions.
- Support for ISO-9660:1999 (version 2)
- Support for El-Torito bootable images.
- Full featured edition of file names and attributes on the image.
- Several options to relax ISO-9660 constraints.
- Special options for images intended for distribution (suitable default
modes for files, hiding of real timestamps...)
- Multisession
- Support for growing an existing image
- Full-featured edition of the image files, including: addition of new
files, removing of existent files, moving files, renaming files,
change file attributes (permissions, timestamps...)
- Support for "emulated multisession" or image growing, suitable for non
multisession media such as DVD+RW
- Image modification
- It can create a completely new image from files on another image.
- Full-featured edition of image contents
- Others
- Handling of different input and output charset
- Good integration with libburn for image burning.
- Reliable, good handling of different kind of errors.
- libburn 0.4.2 headers must be installed at compile time. It is not required
at runtime.
Download, Build and Installation
libisofs code is mantained in a Bazaar repository at Launchpad
( You can download it with:
$ bzr branch lp:libisofs
Our build system is based on autotools. For preparing the build you will need
autotools of at least version 1.7. If you have download the code from the
repository, first of all you need to execute
on toplevel dir to execute autotools.
Alternatively you may unpack a release tarball for which you do not need
autotools installed.
To build a subproject it should be sufficient to go
into its toplevel directory (here: "libburn") and execute
To build libisofs it should be sufficient to go into its toplevel directory
and execute
./configure --prefix=/usr
To make the libraries accessible for running resp. developing applications
make install
The other half of the project, libisofs, is hosted in the libburnia SVN, too:
svn co libisofs
See README file there.
See INSTALL file for further details.
Overview of is an open-source software project for reading, mastering
@ -204,6 +234,17 @@ Project history as far as known to me:
We look back on improved stability, a substantially extended list of media
and write modes, and better protection against typical user mishaps.
- 24th October 2007 version 0.4.0 is the foundation of new library libisoburn
and an upcomming integrated application for manipulating and writing
ISO 9660 + Rock Ridge images. cdrskin-0.4.0 got capabilities like growisofs
by these enhancements: growing of overwriteable media and disk files.
Taking again a bow towards Andy Polyakov.
- 26th Januar 2008 version 0.4.2 rectifies the version numbering so that we
reliably release as should have been done since libburn-0.3.2.
cdrskin now is by default linked dynamically and does a runtime check
to ensure not to be started with a libburn which is older than itself.

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>>>>>>>>>> RELEASE 0.6.1 (development) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- Review error severities
- Prepare API for stability and compatibility check
OK - Prepare API for stability and compatibility check
- Documentation
>>>>>>>>>> RELEASE 0.6.2 (stable) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- Intensive testing and bug fixing
>>>>>>>>>> RELEASE 0.6.3 (development) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- Improves to public tree
-> Expose node extended info. Always compile it.
(little memory cost)
-> Review builder / tree / node relation
-> Optimize storage of children in node?
-> Inode object?
>>>>>>>>>> RELEASE 0.6.3 (development) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- Expose Builder and Streams
- Implement filters: compression, encryption...
- Consider some kind of plugin system for Builders, Filesystems and Filters.
- ECMA-119, Joliet, and ISO-9660:1999 writers can share most of the code.
Create a new writer as a generalization of these.
- Update Java bindings
>>>>>>>>>>> ......