Updated license statement about our legal view and future licenses.

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@ -171,16 +171,12 @@ In the particular case of libisofs there is no foreign copyright involved.
As of 2010 foreign copyright is only in component libburn.
We, the copyright holders, agree on the interpretation that dynamical linking
of our libraries constitutes "use of" and not "derivation from" our work in
the sense of GPL, provided those libraries are compiled from our unaltered
code or from altered code published under GPL.
So we will not raise legal protest if you link our libraries dynamically with
applications which are not under GPL, or if you distribute our libraries
and application tools in binary form, as long as you fulfill the usual
condition of GPL to offer a copy of their source code -altered or unaltered-
under GPL.
We will not raise any legal protest to dynamic linking of our libraries
with applications that are not under GPL, as long as they fulfill
the condition of offering the library source code used, whether
altered or unaltered, under the GPLv2+, along with the application.
Nevertheless, the safest legal position is not to link libburn with
non-GPL compatible programs.
We ask you politely to use our work in open source spirit
and with the due reference to the entire open source community.
@ -194,9 +190,10 @@ It is the open source idea of responsible freedom which will be
decisive and you will have to prove that you exhausted all own
means to qualify for GPL.
For now we are firmly committed to maintain one single license: GPL.
We are firmly committed to allow GPLv2+ now and with future releases.
Signed: Mario Danic, Thomas Schmitt
Agreement joined later by: Vreixo Formoso
Public contact: <libburn-hackers@pykix.org>