1535 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Schmitt a5e209265d Putting doc/boot_sectors.txt into release tarball 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 458ab43ecd New API call iso_nowtime() 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4b21386e82 Bug fix: SIGSEGV happened if options bit 14 of iso_write_opts_set_system_area() is set and no El Torito boot image is defined 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt c62d9d7b1b Replaced inclusion of version numbers from autotools by those from libisofs.h 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3aab1cafc5 Disabled autotools macro AM_MAINTAINER_MODE on advise of Ross Burton 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8fbc2fcdfd Made libisofs ready for building out-of-source. Thanks Ross Burton. 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt aed8bda955 New API calls iso_write_opts_set_part_type_guid(), iso_write_opts_set_iso_type_guid() 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e1097dbb5d Changed interface of helper function iso_tell_max_part_range() 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a1e75003b5 Bug fix: Appending partitions 5 to 8 caused damaged ISO filesystems if not for SUN disk label 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4064a7e0ee Bug fix: Multi-session emulation spoiled GPT production "GPT partitions ... overlap". Regression towards 1.4.8 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 96261585f1 Bug fix: Appended GPT partitions were not covered by the protective MBR partition 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 01415ae208 New report line with iso_image_report_el_torito() "El Torito hdsiz/512:" 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 241b9ea832 Corrected and updated copyright statements 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6a6343c146 Updated copyright dates in COPYING and README 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a63b16f7da Updated change log 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 31c4c26567 Version leap to 1.5.1 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6b31667ee4 Updated changelog. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 066c6f685d Fixed failure to build on NetBSD because of undeclared variable 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e317a8d93e Updated changelog. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt d3c17d0555 Version leap to 1.5.0. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 69c8c543a9 Improved message at image load time about hidden El Torito images for EFI 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt f39d4eefee Putting user defined padding after appended partitions 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 848e039e6d Preferring Linux include file sys/xattr.h over attr/attr.h 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt c5a9cc56e3 Changed bug fix 615dc7e997 of Mar 30 13:51:21 2018 +0200 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 310612174b Bug fix: Long Joliet names with leading dot were mangled one char too short 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ad843f1723 Bug fix: Long Joliet names without dot were mangled with one character too many 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 615dc7e997 Bug fix: Add-on sessions with partition offset claimed too many blocks as size. Regression of version 1.4.8. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a936409a82 Fixed failure to compile with experimental Libisofs_appended_partitions_inlinE 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 580b154773 Adapted iso_node_merge_xattr to handling of all namespaces 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 1da3b17233 Changed a comment in Linux OS adapter 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 633b4d5f72 Updated project mail addresses 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4b031b58ea New flag bit7 with iso_local_set_attrs() to avoid unnecessary write attempts. New return value 2 of IsoFileSource.get_aa_string() and iso_local_get_attrs(). New API calls iso_image_was_blind_attrs(), iso_local_set_attrs_errno(). 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 7d45c88cff New API call iso_image_get_ignore_aclea(), 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 79baab3fc9 Fixed a harmless lapse with static array initialization 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 53b2d6dcd7 Bug fix: Reading beyond array end for HFS+ production caused SIGSEGV with FreeBSD 11 CLANG -O2. Thanks ASX of GhostBSD. 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 874dc16d92 Fixed a message typo found by lintian 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 34e35865fe Silenced harmless compiler warning -Wimplicit-fallthrough 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ce831f111c Updated change log 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 48ee49a7e0 Version leap to 1.4.9 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt bdfd4c4a37 Updated changelog. 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt dfc6de9f79 Version leap to 1.4.8. 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 7234425502 Updated changelog. 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4e5a54c2f9 Swapped at recognition time the precendence of MBR properties "isohybrid" and "protective-msdos-label" 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 028f9275d3 Throw error if imported_iso interval would be overwritten by multi-session 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt cace41ec16 Enabled partition intervals with source "imported_iso" with ISO growing 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e599a575dc Closed a memory leak about RRIP CL following 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 78b0a7b111 Disallowed RRIP CL chaining in order to break any endless loops. Debian bug 872761. Thanks Jakub Wilk and American Fuzzy Lop. 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a7152f5794 Correcting previous commit for supporting multi-session 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2a64d89e6e Refuse to read CE data blocks from after the end of ISO filesystem 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 31088d9acc Avoid to read blocks from start of CE area which do not belong to the given file 3 years ago