1528 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Schmitt 2a20e93b13 Small correction to commit 6241141 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt 62411411db New API calls iso_read_image_features_tree_loaded() and iso_read_image_features_rr_loaded() 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8f3ff65c04 Corrected size of GPT protective MBR partition with multi-session emulation 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt c068a19a8c New API call iso_read_opts_set_joliet_map(), new default joliet_map=stripped 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt cece6fb371 Bug fix: Appended APM partitions without HFS+ production had start and size 1 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 29cc5c8d31 Prevented writing of undesired bytes in make_sun_disk_label() (commit b0230b6) 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 92af0c9752 Adjusted fix 7e3b01b after learning that the bug stems from b0230b6 (unreleased) 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt daaee5e7e6 Fixed access to packed members of struct hfsplus_volheader. Thanks Felipe Franciosi. 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 7e3b01b53c Bug fix: Apple Partition Map entries wrote uninitialized data 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 1d5566f8bb Changed Public contact from libburn-hackers@pykix.org to bug-xorriso@gnu.org 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt ac9d55330d Fixed a new bug introduced with previous commit 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt b0687643c5 Bug fix: El Torito production failed if no catalog name was given and the boot image path contains no slash 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 5a98a4cda5 Corrected declaration of ziso_add_osiz_filter(). (Lapse in commit b107443) 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt b7a90c5194 Corrected description of new call iso_zisofs_ctrl_susp_z2() 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8d70c75d4a Added doc/zisofs2_format.txt to EXTRA_DIST 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 9605bbe748 New API call iso_zisofs_ctrl_susp_z2() 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 46186e5f06 Added Z2 System Use Entry Format to zisofs2 specs 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2ac62f0cac Fixed header size of ZF entries made for zisofs2 files compressed by libisofs 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt dc61e7d298 New flag bits 8 to 15 in API call iso_node_zf_by_magic() 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt d5ffecf2f5 Silenced a compiler warning if zlib is not enabled 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 80449f0dc9 New API calls iso_stream_zisofs_discard_bpt() and iso_image_zisofs_discard_bpt() 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt cc2e0e32a3 New iso_zisofs_ctrl parameters bpt_discard_file_blocks , bpt_discard_free_ratio 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 239ba69925 Accepting zisofs2 algorithms 2 to 5 for ZF by magic, but not for decompression 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2ca3b292fb New iso_zisofs_ctrl parameter .block_number_target 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt f291e37ec1 Fixed wrong start block pointer of zisofs2 compression 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt b107443769 Implemented production and reading of zisofs2 for files larger than 4 GiB - 1. New API call iso_stream_get_zisofs_par(). New struct iso_zisofs_ctrl version 2. 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt d297ce3aed Prevented time rollover outside year intervals 1900-2155 and 1-9999 4 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt f962d0da66 Bug fix: Big-Endian MIPS Volume Header boot file size was rounded up to full 2048. Thanks René Rebe. 6 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt b0230b6ac8 Changed strncpy() to memcpy() in order to please static analyzers 6 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 69e332d17a New error code ISO_HFSPLUS_TOO_MANY_FILES instead of ISO_MANGLE_TOO_MUCH_FILES 7 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6ca841e002 Reacted on compiler warnings of Debian Sid 7 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt c84f6ae689 Removed a germanism from description of iso_image_get_session_md5 7 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt ac248877a2 Re-enabled variable LT_RELEASE in configure.ac. Disabling was unintentional. 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt c1d9639dba Switched to usage of libjte-2.0.0 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 773be790e8 Fixed more spelling errors found by fossies.org with codespell 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt dc3d82cf36 Fixed spelling errors found by fossies.org with codespell 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 560c11617e Updated change log 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt fa43a5a25c Version leap to 1.5.3 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4d8a467e1a Updated changelog. 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 65c4dce69a Version leap to 1.5.2 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt fe98b35afb Made sure that iso_image_get_bootcat() cannot return non-zero size with NULL content 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 130b46cf71 New flag bit2 of iso_node_set_acl_text() to be verbous about failures 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt eb7dc408e0 Added Alpha to table of content of boot sectors description 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt a5e209265d Putting doc/boot_sectors.txt into release tarball 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 458ab43ecd New API call iso_nowtime() 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4b21386e82 Bug fix: SIGSEGV happened if options bit 14 of iso_write_opts_set_system_area() is set and no El Torito boot image is defined 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt c62d9d7b1b Replaced inclusion of version numbers from autotools by those from libisofs.h 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3aab1cafc5 Disabled autotools macro AM_MAINTAINER_MODE on advise of Ross Burton 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8fbc2fcdfd Made libisofs ready for building out-of-source. Thanks Ross Burton. 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt aed8bda955 New API calls iso_write_opts_set_part_type_guid(), iso_write_opts_set_iso_type_guid() 1 year ago