1502 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Schmitt d297ce3aed Prevented time rollover outside year intervals 1900-2155 and 1-9999 1 week ago
  Thomas Schmitt f962d0da66 Bug fix: Big-Endian MIPS Volume Header boot file size was rounded up to full 2048. Thanks René Rebe. 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt b0230b6ac8 Changed strncpy() to memcpy() in order to please static analyzers 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 69e332d17a New error code ISO_HFSPLUS_TOO_MANY_FILES instead of ISO_MANGLE_TOO_MUCH_FILES 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6ca841e002 Reacted on compiler warnings of Debian Sid 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt c84f6ae689 Removed a germanism from description of iso_image_get_session_md5 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt ac248877a2 Re-enabled variable LT_RELEASE in configure.ac. Disabling was unintentional. 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt c1d9639dba Switched to usage of libjte-2.0.0 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 773be790e8 Fixed more spelling errors found by fossies.org with codespell 11 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt dc3d82cf36 Fixed spelling errors found by fossies.org with codespell 11 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 560c11617e Updated change log 11 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt fa43a5a25c Version leap to 1.5.3 11 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4d8a467e1a Updated changelog. 11 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 65c4dce69a Version leap to 1.5.2 11 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt fe98b35afb Made sure that iso_image_get_bootcat() cannot return non-zero size with NULL content 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 130b46cf71 New flag bit2 of iso_node_set_acl_text() to be verbous about failures 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt eb7dc408e0 Added Alpha to table of content of boot sectors description 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt a5e209265d Putting doc/boot_sectors.txt into release tarball 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 458ab43ecd New API call iso_nowtime() 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4b21386e82 Bug fix: SIGSEGV happened if options bit 14 of iso_write_opts_set_system_area() is set and no El Torito boot image is defined 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt c62d9d7b1b Replaced inclusion of version numbers from autotools by those from libisofs.h 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3aab1cafc5 Disabled autotools macro AM_MAINTAINER_MODE on advise of Ross Burton 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8fbc2fcdfd Made libisofs ready for building out-of-source. Thanks Ross Burton. 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt aed8bda955 New API calls iso_write_opts_set_part_type_guid(), iso_write_opts_set_iso_type_guid() 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt e1097dbb5d Changed interface of helper function iso_tell_max_part_range() 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt a1e75003b5 Bug fix: Appending partitions 5 to 8 caused damaged ISO filesystems if not for SUN disk label 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4064a7e0ee Bug fix: Multi-session emulation spoiled GPT production "GPT partitions ... overlap". Regression towards 1.4.8 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 96261585f1 Bug fix: Appended GPT partitions were not covered by the protective MBR partition 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 01415ae208 New report line with iso_image_report_el_torito() "El Torito hdsiz/512:" 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 241b9ea832 Corrected and updated copyright statements 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6a6343c146 Updated copyright dates in COPYING and README 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a63b16f7da Updated change log 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 31c4c26567 Version leap to 1.5.1 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6b31667ee4 Updated changelog. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 066c6f685d Fixed failure to build on NetBSD because of undeclared variable 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e317a8d93e Updated changelog. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt d3c17d0555 Version leap to 1.5.0. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 69c8c543a9 Improved message at image load time about hidden El Torito images for EFI 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt f39d4eefee Putting user defined padding after appended partitions 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 848e039e6d Preferring Linux include file sys/xattr.h over attr/attr.h 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt c5a9cc56e3 Changed bug fix 615dc7e997 of Mar 30 13:51:21 2018 +0200 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 310612174b Bug fix: Long Joliet names with leading dot were mangled one char too short 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ad843f1723 Bug fix: Long Joliet names without dot were mangled with one character too many 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 615dc7e997 Bug fix: Add-on sessions with partition offset claimed too many blocks as size. Regression of version 1.4.8. 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a936409a82 Fixed failure to compile with experimental Libisofs_appended_partitions_inlinE 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 580b154773 Adapted iso_node_merge_xattr to handling of all namespaces 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 1da3b17233 Changed a comment in Linux OS adapter 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 633b4d5f72 Updated project mail addresses 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4b031b58ea New flag bit7 with iso_local_set_attrs() to avoid unnecessary write attempts. New return value 2 of IsoFileSource.get_aa_string() and iso_local_get_attrs(). New API calls iso_image_was_blind_attrs(), iso_local_set_attrs_errno(). 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 7d45c88cff New API call iso_image_get_ignore_aclea(), 3 years ago