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Thomas Schmitt 854a3b8088 Made bug fix Libisofs_external_filters_selecT unconditional 2009-04-07 11:45:17 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt e8f8876ee6 New API function iso_stream_get_source_path() tries to obtain a source
path depending on the stream class.
2009-04-06 14:19:49 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt f709a95fda Some documentation polishing in libisofs.h 2009-04-06 12:25:55 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d98081f173 (Forgot to store libisofs.h before rev 514) 2009-04-06 09:56:26 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 6389bbbf58 Changed freshly introduced iso_file_get_external_filter()
to iso_stream_get_external_filter().
2009-04-06 09:52:21 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt b27bcc7022 Experiment about select() versus non-blocking i/o. select() lost. 2009-04-05 14:48:03 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt f2b7872fc6 Fixed a bug about detection of failure inside iso_file_add_external_filter() 2009-04-05 12:29:37 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt da125e8f6b Changed sequence of fork and stream opening in
So the child does not inherit the pipe inlets of underlying filters
which would stay open and prevent those underlying filter children
from seeing EOF at their input.
2009-04-05 09:56:12 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 198f6536bc New API call iso_node_lookup_attr()
and new xattr "" for image start timestamp.
2009-04-03 15:34:23 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 437713cd8e Moved storage location of suffix from xorriso into IsoExternalFilterCommand 2009-04-02 18:07:27 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 0a265d9d4f Changed IsoExternalFilterCommand.behavior bit0.
The filter does not get installed if input size is 0.
This resembles more the other behavior bits.
2009-04-02 09:14:21 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 806ea7b82e New component 2009-04-01 17:53:41 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt e7853df2f4 Changed some documentation references from AAIP-1.0 to AAIP-2.0. 2009-03-31 13:00:33 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt ece52dc070 Fixed a false success return value with iso_aa_lookup_attr(). 2009-03-31 12:16:19 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 21de3e2087 Switched from AAIP-1.0 with field "AA" to AAIP-2.0 with field "AL"
because ancient Apple ISO 9660 already used "AA".
Old AAIP-1.0 enhanced images can still be read and luckily their AAIP fields
can be distinguished from eventual Apple AA fields.
2009-03-31 11:40:58 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d28351c5a4 Adjustment of minimal size for a IsoExternalFilterCommand.behavior bit2 filter 2009-03-29 18:45:00 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 2534be5b5d Implemented IsoExternalFilterCommand.behavior bits 1 and 2
which control revocation due to insufficient size reduction.
2009-03-29 14:37:26 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 681d092118 New IsoStream_Iface.version 2 with method .get_input_stream(),
new API function iso_stream_get_input_stream(),
new API function iso_file_remove_filter(),
iso_file_get_old_image_sections() now refers to the most original stream
of a file.
2009-03-28 19:37:44 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 8b0920df53 Fixed a bug which prevented final waiting and caused lots of zombies 2009-03-27 21:25:44 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt e759bd5240 mall adjustment in API description 2009-03-27 18:15:18 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 1a307cb790 Introduced IsoExternalFilterCommand.behavior and implemented
optional shortcut with files of size 0.
2009-03-27 16:40:07 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 41f75ea21f Fixed a SIGSEGV in iso_file_get_old_image_sections() with a
IsoFile from the old session which has not FSrcStreamData 
attached to its IsoStream.
2009-03-27 14:43:43 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 6cf484442c Fixed a gridlock of external filtering in case that the
filter program is slow with processing.
2009-03-27 13:44:29 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 691887fd2c New API function iso_file_add_external_filter()
with public parameter class IsoExternalFilterCommand
allows to use child processes as external content filter for IsoFile objects.
2009-03-26 17:34:38 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 6f9db3d8c1 Introduced short notations for AAIP namespaces "trusted." and "security." 2009-03-22 11:15:05 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 8eff065b5f Fixed wrong use of acl_free() 2009-03-21 22:59:06 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 5f2bde776b Closed memory leaks opened with rev 487. 2009-03-21 11:09:14 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 0402325ec2 New API call iso_read_opts_auto_input_charset() allows to obtain
the image tree character set name from root xattr "isofs.cs".
2009-03-20 17:48:42 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt da2619c42a New API function iso_init_with_flag().
Moved setup of locale from various places to util.c:iso_init_locale().
It is now called by the iso_init*() functions only.
2009-03-19 12:56:25 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 183ed6cc5a Made read_aaip_AA() safe against eventual Apple ISO AA fields 2009-03-18 10:27:28 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt cd427b269a Get on FreeBSD pkgconfigdir=.../libdata , on Linux and others: .../lib 2009-03-17 21:33:20 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 50edfbea51 Avoided use of function alloca() by macro Libisofs_avoid_using_allocA
and incremented version to 0.6.17
2009-03-17 21:25:43 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt a6090a6273 Version leap to 0.6.16 2009-03-10 16:45:37 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt a87c28da95 Made sorting order under Libisofs_file_src_cmp_sizE identical to
old sorting order. Just in case it matters.
(Is there any reason for the inverse order of dev_id ?)
2009-03-10 15:34:09 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 4d0063f7e2 Bug fix: ECMA-119 ".." pointed always to the same block as ".".
Bug fix: iso_write_opts_set_rrip_version_1_10() caused wrong size of
         root record CE,
Stability enhancement: util.c:str2ascii() got a fallback for the case
                       that charset "WCHAR_T" is not available,
Debugging wrapper around iconv*() calls,
Experiments about inode numbers in fs_image,
Experiment to insert obsolete RR entries.
(Sorry for the obfuscation. Most is due to a hard ride on Solaris.
 See macros at the end of libisofs/libisofs.h)
2009-03-10 14:32:05 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 4f468171ad Experiments about inode number generation for nodes out of the loaded
2009-03-07 08:28:35 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 32dc6dd041 Lifted the ban on operating systems other than Linux and FreeBSD 2009-03-05 20:13:14 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 8d8dcb9c93 Changed severity of ISO_FILENAME_WRONG_CHARSET from HINT to WARNING.
Keeping old error code as ISO_FILENAME_WRONG_CHARSET_OLD.
2009-03-03 16:47:53 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt e1460aa9a6 Version leap to 0.6.15 and
new API call iso_write_opts_get_data_start()
2009-02-28 23:22:31 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 4daf626493 Made root node write and read own AA entries. 2009-02-24 17:50:53 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 356b73eda8 still included outdated susp_aaip_0_2.txt
rather than susp_aaip_1_0.txt
2009-02-21 12:53:55 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt f52c1aeb77 Version leap to 0.6.14 2009-02-19 17:02:29 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 97d885fc9a Made AAIP 1.0 official, mentioned it in aaip source files,
and claimed copyright and GPLv2 on aaip source files.
2009-02-19 09:36:22 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 0e0ecc1d00 Made code branch of Libisofs_with_aaiP unconditional
and removed change marks by (co-)copyright claims.
2009-02-18 23:01:14 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt c1ba7d93d9 Removed dependencies of libburn where possible and removed
the remaining demo/iso_grow.c from
2009-02-18 10:29:26 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt a097793caf Registered first name of namespace isofs: isofs.di 2009-02-17 19:40:28 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt e17a8c718f Fixed a memory leak underneath iso_node_get_attrs() 2009-02-17 15:40:00 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt fb2309ea16 Moved iso_local_*() API functions from node.c to fs_local.c 2009-02-16 08:29:21 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt e45f41fb44 Removed obsolete macro Libisofs_with_aaiP_retro and its unsuitable
code branches.
"AAIP_0100" gets issued if macro Libisofs_aaip_1_0 is defined.
2009-02-14 12:10:02 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 0ada61b15e Gave up macro Libisofs_new_nm_sl_cE and the old computation of NM, SL, AA size. 2009-02-14 11:14:27 +01:00