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Vreixo Formoso 9ad9b10c67 Joliet also need directory sizes to be a multiple of block size. 2008-01-14 23:51:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e0db7463da Added cookbook documentation for ISO/IEC 9660:1999. 2008-01-14 22:20:10 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9ebc4a1eef Add some more control to the ring buffer. 2008-01-14 21:13:53 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 8bc1cf90a9 Fix important bug in mangle_single_dir. 2008-01-14 17:15:28 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 910a63f28a Fix little bug related with dir length calculation. 2008-01-14 01:33:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a58bc8a25a Add extended information to IsoNode. Still not exposed nor compiled. 2008-01-13 17:59:53 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a1bcc73198 Support for relaxed filenames on ISO-9660 images. 2008-01-13 01:06:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso fbf590c8a2 Add function for relaxed filenames to directories. 2008-01-13 00:35:58 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c3582226f3 Function to generate relaxed ISO filenames. 2008-01-12 22:16:38 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 4da469a3bf Addapt recursive addition function to new replace enum. 2008-01-12 21:08:25 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso f118b0a48d Encapsulate insertion of nodes in node.c. Define replace behavior. 2008-01-12 18:03:59 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso bff5cb9333 More memory leak related fixes in unit tests. 2008-01-12 17:40:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 7e8a9b9473 Prevent some memory leaks in unit tests. 2008-01-12 17:32:44 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 25f4402147 Prevent memory leak in case of failure. 2008-01-12 17:32:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 8115ba6c24 Fix link problem by removing all inline functions defined in .h files. 2008-01-12 03:54:53 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c00d84f0f2 Improve mangling algorithm, by using a hash table for name search. 2008-01-12 02:43:07 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 4b3a86185f Fix some bugs in hash table implementation. 2008-01-12 02:42:27 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso b4d76f7925 Add a hash table implementation. 2008-01-12 02:07:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso b29e2a7db2 Improve filesystem implementation to deal with local files.
Instead of storing the path of each file, we store the name plus a ref 
to the parent. That way, we safe around 5-10% of memory.
2008-01-11 19:48:52 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 953da9ff8f Support for patching isolinux images. 2008-01-11 17:09:31 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 807c43b20e Implementation of a IsoStream to read from a memory buffer. 2008-01-11 16:42:18 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso cd8943105c Functions to access volume information from an IsoImageFilesystem. 2008-01-11 16:19:50 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso f27f2449f9 Support for reading El-Torito info from previous images. 2008-01-11 15:43:39 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 53c2215ab3 Add function to get the parent of a given node. 2008-01-10 22:10:11 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e9e1d28333 Improve demo program, including support for El-Torito. 2008-01-10 19:41:38 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 0d06e24cd5 Add support for El-Torito. 2008-01-10 19:41:08 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 4f029437e2 Handling of El-Torito boot catalog at low level. 2008-01-10 18:53:39 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 2ad6f5f667 Change IsoStream get_id definition, to always provide a valid id.
Streams are a better place to handle source content identification, when
the IsoFilesystem is unable to provide a valid identification.
2008-01-10 17:56:39 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 47bdbd76b5 Add El-Torito estructures to an IsoImage, and APIs for manage it. 2008-01-10 17:22:53 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 51df8c6284 Fix bug introduced when adding Joliet that causes libisofs to hang.
It causes an attempt to read an extra block from ring buffer to overwrite 
buffer, which causes libisofs to hang. The problem is that Volume Descriptor
Set terminator should not be read from buffer, but generated instead.
2008-01-09 18:57:47 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso ad65cc4d45 Add API to get the size of a file node. 2008-01-09 15:35:59 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso ba681a2601 Pad SVD attributes with " " to ensure Joliet compliance. 2008-01-08 22:16:55 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 41472e66b7 Pad volume attributes with " " to ensure ECMA-119 compliance. 2008-01-08 21:58:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 758e2654f8 Change mocked filesystem implementation, used in unit tests. 2008-01-08 21:23:24 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 2464455fea Guard against bad link destinations. 2008-01-08 20:05:01 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 1459801134 Ensure names of public tree IsoNodes are valid POSIX names. 2008-01-08 19:47:33 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso aec6c8ce69 Support for reading Joliet extensions. 2008-01-08 19:34:01 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 747bed11b8 Bug fix: Joliet writer should be only created when Joliet is enabled. 2008-01-08 19:33:17 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 7bb4eaf46d Little improves to image reading. 2008-01-08 17:33:06 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5d81305042 Expose Joliet. 2008-01-08 16:10:25 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5475502dc8 Different function for generate dir and files names for Joliet.
The "." is not mandatory on dirs.
2008-01-08 16:07:50 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso f73b53133b Correctly handle Big Endian UCS strings on both BE and LE machines. 2008-01-08 15:51:42 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e9bcb22cee Write Joliet directory structures and path tables. 2008-01-06 19:08:35 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 6d276ac0f6 Write Joliet Supplementary Volume Descriptor. 2008-01-06 18:45:32 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 2ab47e5bac Compute length and position of Joliet structures. 2008-01-06 18:08:29 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso bd0f787f61 Store joliet-related info in Ecma119Image target insted of Writer.
In fact, this is not a good decission, writer is a better place for 
writer dependent data, but for now I prefer to store anything in the 
target. Later we can improve Writer encapsulation.
2008-01-06 17:52:58 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 4b0833f62c Sort Joliet tree. 2008-01-06 17:43:19 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 17e9955f93 Begin Joliet support. Creation of Joliet writer and Joliet tree. 2008-01-06 17:38:31 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 355d28292f Util functions for Joliet name manipulation. 2008-01-06 17:02:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 6298ef4814 Support charset conversion on symlink destination. 2008-01-05 17:45:25 +01:00