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Mastering means the creation of a set of bytes which are to be transferred
to media. This set of bytes is called "image". Mastering may happen
simultaneously with media writing or it may happen separately into a
buffer file on hard disk.
One class of images are ISO 9660 filesystems for which libburnia provides
its mastering software [libisofs](Libisofs). These filesystems are usable
read-only with all contemporary operating systems.
Our program [xorriso](Xorriso) offers a command line interface for creating
and manipulating images on optical media or in disk filesystem objects.
Other classes of images may be archive formats like `afio` or `star` which
have an own knowledge about their end-of-archive (`tar` has not), or various
filesystems which are specific to particular operating systems.
libburnia offers no mastering software for these but is willing
to bring them onto media by [libburn](Libburn), [cdrskin](Cdrskin),
or [xorriso](Xorriso).