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@ -184,7 +184,8 @@ The only restriction towards CD-R[W] is the lack of support for -audio tracks.
Multiple tracks per session are permissible.
The write modes for DVD+R resemble those with DVD-R except that with DVD+R
each track gets wrapped in an own session.
each track gets wrapped in an own session. There is no -dummy writing with
Quite deliberately write mode -sao insists in the tradition of a predicted
track size and blank media, whereas -tao writes the tracks open ended and

@ -119,6 +119,29 @@ multi-session. (The default behavior of cdrskin deems me to be preferrable.)
assert_write_lba=<lba> allows to ensure that the start block address which
was used with the formatter program (e.g. mkisofs -C) matches the start block
address which will be used by the upcoming burn.
E.g. cdrskin aborts with an error message if
is given but an appendable media is to be burned which would start ati
block 68432.
An ISO-9660 file system image must be prepared according to a particular
block address on media. If the prepared address and the real address on media
do not match then the filesystem will not be mountable or may even cause system
A sequential archive format like afio or star will not necessarily need such
a coordination of addresses. It might nevertheless be confusing to a reader
if the archive does not start at block 0.
fifo_start_at=<num> is a throughput enhancer for unsteady data streams
like they are produced by a compressing archiver program when piping to
CD on-the-fly. It makes better use of the general property of a FIFO